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Child Poverty

Children are a huge priority for God—especially those who are in poverty (James 1:27). Throughout Scripture, believers are commanded to not forget the orphan or widow—those who have no family—or those without resources or hope. Live Global is committed to standing in the gap to help children who are in need of food and other resources, care for orphans and street children, and help end the cycle of child poverty. Not only do we seek to meet people's immediate need, but also give them the tools to change their life.

These child poverty projects are specific ministries that we’ve fully vetted and been impressed with. They’re led by local believers and all aim to meet the needs of those who need help most, while also advancing the good news of the gospel. We have high standards for all the projects listed here—we have visited all of them in person and they are held to high standards of accountability. Our relationship with these projects stretches back many years, and we encourage you to join in on the adventure where Jesus is working. Visit a project page to find updates and see how your prayers and donations are making a huge difference across the globe.