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Church Planting with Raul

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About Church Planting with Raul

Raul’s vision is to see churches planted, believers discipled, and elders appointed in strategic parts of the southwest part of Romania. Places such as Craiova and Draganesti-Olt have been two examples where this has occurred. Raul’s future goal is to move to Thessaloniki Greece and use this international city as a hub to launch missionaries to Turkey, Albania, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia. He would live here six months a year and live in Romania six months of the year.

Right now, Raul has focused his ministry on refugee care as many Ukrainian refugees flood the border.

Meet the Pastor: Raul Costea

raul and family Raul was born in the northern part of Romania. He did not grow up in a Christian family but was exposed to Christianity at an early age. At the age of 20, Raul had an intense hunger to read the Bible. It was during these bible readings that the Holy Spirit quickened Raul and he became a believer. The scripture verse that convicted him was Proverbs 3:5-6.

While in the Army, Raul was a gifted evangelist. He shared Christ with many over the duration of his time in the Army. It was during this time that Raul read the biography of Hudson Taylor. The life and times of Hudson Taylor convicted Raul to surrender his life as a full-time missionary.

While in Bible College, Raul was exposed to many areas of the world to serve as a full-time vocational missionary. One area that God was drawing him in particular was in the southwest part of Romania. Often called the “graveyard” of missions, this area has many people with a hard heart and an attitude of rejection of God. By comparison, the north part of Romania consists of almost 15% born again believers and a multitude of churches however in the southwest part, only 0.5% of the population confess Jesus as Lord.

Raul surrendered as a missionary and was sent by his sending church back in the early 2000s. Since then, Raul has witnessed profound ministry as churches were planted and people saved.

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    • Pray for wisdom and strength as they serve Ukrainian refugees and share the Gospel
    • Pray for many to be saved in Romania through the ministry of Raul and his family and team
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