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3 Years Later, God Has Made a Church in Khai Kam

A “Very Dark and Hopeless Community”

Pastor Kimpi listened to God’s prompting in 2019 and went to Khai Kam with a mission team to reach this “very dark and hopeless community.”  The team went to teach English in the morning and teach Bible lessons and songs in the afternoon. In the evenings, there were evangelistic services.

Yes, there was much opposition during our ministry there with leaders from other cult groups coming and dragging out their ‘church’ members and making threats to our group. Young drunken men would come and distract our services by shouting and throwing rocks from behind.

Pastor Kimpi

By the grace of God he protected them and opened the hearts of some attending.

Three Years of Faithfulness

Pastor Son and his family stayed to continue to minister to this community. What a blessing that through your generosity they have water now and you helped clothe and feed them. 

 “God was providing for them in their needs.”

In 2021 we shared Pastor Kimpi’s letter with an update on Khai Kam with the exciting news that they were raising funds to purchase land for a future church building! Seven families were attending the church in Pastor Son’s home and they had outgrown the space.

The reason why I am repeating all these facts is to show how far the Lord has brought us. Today after 3 years the Lord has blessed the ministry there and we now have a Bible-preaching, gospel-centered church right at the heart of Khai Kam town.”

Khai Kam EBC now consists of 20 Christian families and is growing. The Lord provided a church ground through the many gracious support I received from you all and just about a month ago (August 2022) we dedicated a church building on that very ground where we once had our one-on-one counseling sessions during our outreach mission trip 3 years ago!

Pastor Kimpi

The Work Is Not Done

God is working in this community! What a blessing it is to rejoice with everything that has happened in the last three years!

Please continue to pray for the Khai Kam church as they continue to expand and reach their community. 

Pray for strength and endurance for Pastor Son and his family in Khai Kam. 

Pray for Pastor Kimpi as he teaches Muslim and Hindu children at a local school during the week and preaches on weekends.

Pray for the Seminary school as graduation ceremonies are happening at the end of January 2023- the first one since the pandemic.


God laid the village of Khai-Kam on Kimpi's heart and God has seen fit to begin a church in this village that is now ready to build its own building.

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  • For God to grow the church in KhaiKam
  • For God to provide the finances quickly to buy the land for the church there before monsoon season
  • For God to keep opposition away from the growing body of believers.
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