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Evangelism and Outreach

The gospel is the only message that can save people from their sin—humanity's largest problem—and evangelism is the means to spread this life-saving news. While holistic healing is necessary, change often begins with the good news that Jesus came to rescue people from their sin. Instead of guilt, shame, and fear, those who believe will have hope, life change, and eternal life in Christ. Evangelism and outreach can have very different starting points of how to engage people, but each effort leads to the exact same message.

These evangelism and outreach projects are specific ministries that we’ve fully vetted and been impressed with. They’re led by local believers and all aim to meet the needs of those who need help most, while also advancing the good news of the gospel. We have high standards for all the projects listed here—we have visited all of them in person and they are held to high standards of accountability. Our relationship with these projects stretches back many years, and we encourage you to join in on the adventure where Jesus is working. Visit a project page to find updates and see how your prayers and donations are making a huge difference across the globe.