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Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary

Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary
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About Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary

At a time in history when God is bringing huge numbers of people to Christ, seminary training is a vital key to the Great Commission in Asia. Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar trains young and inexperienced leaders in solid theological doctrine, helping Burmese believers become mature evangelists. These Burmese believers graduate excited and equipped to make disciples in their home cities and villages, enabling new believers throughout the country to become mature followers of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Do Suan Mung, the faithful founder of both the Bible college and seminary in Myanmar, opened the first doors to the school in 1986. Now many other well-trained professors train, raise up, and send out their students. Between the college and seminary, hundreds of students are trained each year to go out as pastors, evangelists, and missionaries to the lost in Myanmar.

Join Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary on their mission to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth, and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God.

Meet the Founder: Dr. Do Suan Mung

Dr. Mung bio Dr. Do Suan Mung founded Faith Baptist Bible College in his home state of Myanmar—Chin State—in 1986. Dr. Mung served as the president of the school, which expanded in 2003 to include Faith Baptist Theological Seminary, located in Yangon (the former capital city). The schools combined have graduated hundreds of students who are now serving the Lord in many different capacities, including evangelism, pastoral roles, church planting, missions, children's ministry, and more.

Dr. Mung had a powerful story about how God saved him through Jesus Christ, provided for his seminary training, and led him to begin Faith Baptist. Read the full account here.

Dr. Mung and his wife had four children, who by God's grace are all serving the Lord in Myanmar or in the United States. Dr. Mung went to be in the presence of his Savior in July 2021 after a life fully lived for the Lord.

Latest Updates from Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary

faith baptist bible college and theological seminary
Young Adults Cancel Their Plans to Flee the Country

"I'll either go to Malaysia, or go to Bible College," many young adults in Myanmar have said, following the military coup in 2021.

A Virtual Message from Dr. Mung

Get to know Dr. Mung, his ministry, his passion, his testimony, and a prayer request in this 2-minute virtual message.

Photos: The Handford Library in Use

30,000 Christian books delivered and organized. Now, they're put to use.

30,000 library books
Video: 15-Year Long Prayer for New Library Books Answered!

The students and staff unloaded the trucks and passed the banana boxes of new library books from student to student, up the stairs, and into the new library.

"...And Also Give!"

Would it be best to go visit the school to encourage him and his staff in prayer, give money to the school for the general operation, or some other way?

bible college
What's Up with the Bible College?

So, for the past several months, Dr. Mung's son Sangpi has led the charge to revive the college and increase enrollment through different ministry objectives.

fly on the wall
Video: A Fly on the Wall at FBBCTS

If you were a fly on the wall at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar, this is what you'd see.

missions endeavors
Video: This School Is a Center for Missions Endeavors

Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar is not just a theological training ground—it's a center for missions endeavors.

Called to prepare
Video: You Are Called to Prepare

If you are called to ministry then you are called to prepare. Those at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary in Myanmar fully believe this!

Faith Professors Get Summertime Refreshment in the United States

After graduating the last class of students at the beginning of February, it's time for everyone—including the professors—to take some time to rejuvenate.

Make a Difference

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  • Pray that God would provide funds for a new fence at the Bible College.
  • Pray that God would provide funds for a new generator for the seminary since the power cuts frequently.
  • Pray that God would bring more students to the seminary to receive a solid education in theology and ministry.
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