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EARTHQUAKE UPDATE:   Live Global in Türkiye & Syria

Earthquake Turkiye & Syria

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As of Tuesday, February 14, one week after earthquakes hit the region of Southeastern Türkiye & Syria, nearly 40,000 lives are reported to be lost. The number is expected to rise as efforts shift from rescue to recovery and we provide an earthquake update. Türkiye is 99% Muslim and Syria is at least 85% Muslim, meaning most of those lost had no relationship with Jesus as Savior.

Aftershocks continue, as more than 2,400 quakes rocked the region. Factors including winter weather, the extended war of almost 12 years in Syria, long-term refugee and IDP (Internally Displaced People) factors, and rival political and rebel factions of power compound relief efforts.

While the circumstances in Türkiye and Syria present historic needs, open doors exist to show the compassion of Christ and share the hope of the Gospel in tangible ways. Live Global national partners are on the ground. In the weight of the loss under and all around the rubble, people looking for hope need to see Jesus.

Live Global NATIONAL PARTNERS on the ground

Earthquake Update: Türkiye

Two couples based in this country work with Syrian refugee communities and with local churches. *Robin & Salina are Live Global partners. The other leader is part of the regional team led by Live Global partners *Aquila & Priscilla. The couples living in Türkiye mobilized to focus efforts on an area underserved by international aid in the first week of response. Where believers in Jesus were first called "Christians," national partners show the love of Christ.

Earthquake Update: SYRIA

Live Global Egyptian partner *Malik is experienced in Syria. His close partners live in Damascus, where one indigenous leader serves as a pastor. The local church is spearheading relief into Northern Syria, where little help has arrived due to a complex mixture of opposing forces and crumbling infrastructure. Millions of people already depended on international aid before the earthquakes. Despite obstacles in getting resources into Syria, this Live Global national partnership provides access.

Live Global RELIEF FUNDS for great needs

Relief funds provide for what's essential, practical, urgent, and compassionate.

Live Global partners in Türkiye resupply in urban areas outside the quake zone and transport essentials to needy areas. In Syria, basic supplies are more limited due to the on-going conflict, but *Malik's church partner is working to find whatever resources they can.

Live Global partners have cultural and language skills to provide needed help in crisis, and they have a heart for showing and sharing the hope of Jesus found only Gospel-sourced compassion.

At the present time, a team from Live Global is mobilizing to head to the region to join the national partners already on the ground. Together, they will serve the suffering, resource the local church, gather information for response plans, and assess needs for future compassionate engagement. Teams currently led by the national partners work in challenging conditions. Access to electricity and running water have been cut off. Vehicles not only provide for a way to move supplies, they also serve as a place to sleep. Once the team identifies opportunities for specialized teams in the coming months, we'll be looking for experienced people ready and able to help. CONTACT US IF THIS COULD BE YOU.

How to PRAY & HELP right now

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*To protect the security and identity of the individuals serving in this context, we have changed their names online and in some cases use photos that are representative.


This couple uses compassionate, influential leadership to mobilize Egyptian believers for outreach in communities of Syrian refugees in the Middle East.

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  • Pray for discernment as Robin and Salina work with communities of people with great needs.
  • Pray for open hearts in relationships with Syrian refugee.
  • Ask God to create trusting relationships that turn to spiritual conversations.
  • Pray that God would guide Robin and Salina to be godly parents for their daughter.
  • Ask God to open eyes and hearts of Majority people seeking meaning after war, conflict, and the earthquake.
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