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A Different Approach to Missions

We passionately cultivate edifying relationships between the North American Church and ministries across the globe to multiply Gospel impact on their communities and beyond.

We Seek to Serve

Visionary National Leaders

We serve indigenous Christian ministry leaders across the globe.

  • Encouragement - caring for their needs
  • Enhancement - strengthening their ministry
  • Equipping - providing training and resources

North American Network

We engage churches and individuals in the Great Commission through partnerships.

  • Assist - developing a missions strategy
  • Facilitate - exploring opportunities
  • Connect - building partnerships

Live Global doesn't start, lead, own, or control ministries overseas.

Rather, we take a national-first approach to global partnerships. The national is the leader of the ministry God calls them to, and the North American comes alongside them to learn, serve, and encourage.

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.

Habakkuk 2:14

Partnership in Action

Two hundred kids in Haiti call My Father's House orphanage their home, and 300 more kids go there for food and school during the day. At the orphanage, kids are safe from the dangerous Haitian streets, get at least one meal a day, have the privilege of going to school on campus, and most importantly they get to learn about salvation in Jesus from people who love them.

Pastor Predestin, the director of My Father's House, is a Live Global national partner. He loves Jesus and has a vision to serve God in his own country by raising up Godly men and women who have skills to work for a living. He also works hard to train Haitian pastors and Christian leaders.

My Father's House
Pastor Predestin, his wife, and several of the orphanage kids

Over the past decade, men and women in North America have linked arms with Pastor Predestin by encouraging him on hard days, laboring in prayer for the kids, giving money so that orphans can eat, taking trips to the orphanage to build a playground or to teach kids to sew, and so much more.

Learn More About the Orphanage

Celebrating 30 Years of History

Live Global began with one man from Burma who started the first theologically sound Bible College in his country. North American missionaries began a partnership with this man, Dr. Mung, in the early 90s, committing to serve Dr. Mung and his Bible College through friendship, encouragement, prayer, fundraising, and advocating on his behalf.

From there, Live Global has grown and has built friendships and partnerships with national ministry leaders on six continents.

Dr. Mung at his home

Our 50-50-50 in 5 Goal

Every believer has a role in the Great Commission. We are well underway to our 5-year goal, which invites North Americans to serve in missions through partnerships.

50 Pastors to Teach Overseas

50 Full Time Team Members

50 Techies & Communicators

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You Can Make a Difference

You can pray for children to find new life in Christ after being rescued from the red light district. You could donate money so that a student can go to a school run by believers in the third world. Or you could go teach English alongside our partners, where they are building relationships in order to share Christ.

Live Global exists to help you discover others who share your passion so you can link arms to accomplish the role God has called you to. Find a national partner and get started.