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Learn About Partnerships

Partnerships happen when you link arms to accomplish the role God has called you to.

Individuals in North America partner in prayer for Nepalese evangelists who take the Good News to unreached tribes.

A church in North America gives financially so that an orphanage in Thailand can continue to care for children of incarcerated adults.

A young adult goes to the Middle East to help believers run a summer camp, where they teach English and share the Gospel.

Partnerships are not transactions; they're friendships.

Friends view each other as equals and seek to serve one another.

Friends trust their partners, and let them lead in their own culture and ministry.

Friends have the joy of listening, learning, encouraging, and being encouraged by one another.

In Scripture, God works when like-minded believers compile their gifts and resources.

Global partnerships are biblical. The Apostle Paul especially adopted this strategy for his missionary journeys. His partners ranged from fellow workers to students-in-training, and from prayer warriors to financial givers.

For example, Paul hoped that the church at Rome would help him get to Spain, once he was able to visit with them.

I hope to see you in passing as I go to Spain, and to be helped on my journey there by you, once I have enjoyed your company for a while. (Romans 15:24)

Another time he spoke of his partnership with the church at Philippi “from the first day until now” (Phil 1:5). God's Word makes it clear we all have a role to play in the Great Commission. Let us help you find yours.