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Photo Dump: Training 1,000 Churches in Cuba How to Do Children's Ministry

1,000 churches

Can you help a girl out?!

Rhode and her training team have a goal of training 1,000 churches in 2023. They're specifically training their children's leaders on how to do children's ministry effectively. The 1st training is done! The photos below speak for themselves.

Between now and June 2023, Rhode already has 500 churches planning to attend trainings. We'd say she's off to a good start in reaching her goal of training 1,000 churches.

But Rhode cannot do this alone!

Rhode (the Cuban national) is the one who has a vision for reaching the next generation in Cuba with the Gospel. She also has a goal of training 1,000 churches. To do it, God provided her a connection with North Americans serving with Live Global and got trained herself by children's ministry leaders in the United States. Now she's using their children's curriculum and is multiplying the training she received to train others.

Now Rhode just needs the finances to finish her goal. It costs $50 to train one children's ministry leader. That covers conference costs, curriculum printing, and food and lodging during the training.

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Rhode has a vision to train and mentor children's ministry leaders in Cuba.

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  • Pray for God to raise up many children's ministry leaders in Cuba
  • Pray for kids to hear the gospel from a young age and to trust Christ
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