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About Global Theological Relief

In the places of the world where it's illegal to buy or sell Bibles and where Christians rarely own a single other book, our partners ask North Americans to help relieve the theological famine. Live Global collects Bibles, Bible commentaries, and theological books that we send in periodic, large shipments to our partner seminaries and partner ministries overseas. Books written in English are desired because the majority of theological books in the world are written in English. Across the globe, many students of the Word learn English as part of their education so that they can study the Bible in depth through the reading of English language theological literature. If you are interested in donating books, contact us to discuss shipping details. If you are interested in donating money, the funds collected can help with financial costs like shipping, customs payments, and so on. Learn about one of Live Global's book shipments to a seminary in Myanmar.

Make a Difference

Icon for Help with costs of library set up Help with costs of library set up - $20 Give Now »
Icon for Help pay for shipping and customs costs Help pay for shipping and customs costs - $100 Give Now »
  • Pray for God to provide enough books and funds
  • Pray for God to work out the details of logistics and customs to allow the books to make it to their destinations.
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