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It is easy to say we believe nothing in our lives is haphazard, random, or unplanned; that God is at work in the middle of uncertain circumstances that are hard when we see no immediate deliverance. Alex Abramov was reminded this was true in a fresh way when he came to the United States earlier this year and got “stuck” because of COVID. Lockdowns and closed borders prevented his return to Ukraine. Though his own plans were on hold, he got a front row seat to watch a plan unfold to a new path of ministry for him.

“Getting stuck in the States created a connection divinely provided by God,” says Alex. 

Though Alex was temporarily unable to return home, God was at work. Live Global leaders, who had months before heard of Alex and his ministry, were able to meet him. They listened to his story about his life and work in Ukraine and heard his heart for the local church and for the struggling, discouraged pastors. His desire to serve village churches and their pastors resonated with the hearts of the Live Global leaders, and there was an instant connection. Alex stepped out in faith to follow a new path, and a new national partnership was born. 

Prepared for What the Church in Ukraine Needs Now

After teaching seminary for over 20 years, Alex made friendships and developed relationships along the way with pastors all over Ukraine. Decades of trust and support and investment in the lives of these pastors opened doors for a new opportunity for Alex to serve them through a ministry of encouragement. His connections and his influence in their lives, their families, and their ministries is so timely, now more than ever, in a global pandemic when isolation is forced upon them.

Church Village Encouragement

“Yes, we still teach, preach, and lead training seminars. But we are mainly on a mission to connect with village pastors in a personal way so that they know they are not alone.” 

Alex is confident God makes no mistakes, that His timing is always right and not random or haphazard. He experienced the truth that “...all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

Because of an unexpected delay due to COVID, a connection with Live Global happened. A new partnership began. As Alex encourages Ukrainian pastors, we can encourage Alex with our prayers.

Pray with us —


Alex equips and encourages Ukrainian pastors and leaders of churches. He focuses on rural areas with little access to seminary education.

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  • Pray for God to provide the funding for Alex to be able to connect with Ukrainian pastors and leaders most in need of encouragement and equipping
  • Ask God to create opportunities in North America for Alex to share about how God has grown the church in Ukraine and how we can pray now
  • Pray for God to raise up more men and women in the Ukraine with sound doctrine and insight to minister to those hurting in a time of crisis
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