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To Send and Serve Romanian Missionaries

Romanian missionaries

What do you think of when you hear the word "missionary?"  Is it someone from the United States or Canada? Someone heading overseas? Do other countries send missionaries? The answer is yes! One couple provides care for fellow Romanian missionaries serving God in their own country and abroad.

A little history of Romania helps us understand.  The country was under Communist rule during the childhood of Alexandru and Cami.  Christians faced many restrictions and persecution during that time. People met secretly and in churches to learn about God’s saving grace.  Cami remembers growing up in Communist Romania.

 "Ever since I was very young I remember my parents taking us each Sunday to the very small Baptist church, which was located quite far from our house. My siblings and I were the only 'repenters' in the small village school we attended. This was the mocking name the communists would use for Evangelical believers. When I was in second grade I remember the day when the director of the school came into my classroom, asked me to stand up and prove right there and then that God existed. I remember trying to defend God with all my 8-year old might. Ridiculing was a regular occurrence, as the communists would do everything in their power to influence teachers, the leaders of the society, young people, and children to embrace atheism and the worship of our dictator.”

Now adults who follow Jesus, with a family of their own, Alexandru and Cami see the need to care for and equip Romanian missionaries to spread the Good News.  Both of them have unique degrees that allow them to serve fellow missionaries better.  

What is the best way to assist missionaries out on the field?  There are several ways to serve and support them.

Ways to Serve Romanian Missionaries

Alexandru and Cami serve Romanian missionaries in this way year-round.  They travel throughout Romania and to Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova Republic, Ukraine, Peru, Asia, (various restrictive countries) and Cyprus.

In addition, Alexandru and Cami provide retreats twice a year. They invite missionaries and their families to rest and be refueled before heading back to their fields.

Alexandru and Cami also meet the need for training new missionaries with cross-cultural learning to succeed on the field. They team up with a college in the United Kingdom to equip global workers from Romania.

How are Alexandru and Cami able to balance this global workload?

“It was a new challenge to think together about developing and maintaining a good balance between our family life and work / service. Our Father is good and teaches us how to live a balanced life.”

Alexandru and Cami help send and serve Romanian missionaries. Learn more about their ministry of Training Global Workers here.


Romanian people who are sent to do vocational ministry in Romania and abroad desperately need care and equipping to do well the work God has called them to.

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  • Pray that God would give Alex and Cami wisdom as they care for and train global workers in Romania
  • Pray for global workers sent from Romania that they would be equipped and encouraged as they serve
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